NACPB Bookkeeping Job Placement Program

Get a Bookkeeping Job

Get a Bookkeeping Job

NACPB's Bookkeeping Job Placement Program connects bookkeeping employers with highly qualified bookkeeping job candidates.

What Bookkeeping Employers Want

  1. Job candidates who can perform bookkeeping accurately and productively.
  2. Job candidates who are exciting about working for the employer's business.
  3. Job candidates who fit into their company culture.

Bookkeeping Employer Recruitment Process

  1. Job posting and advertising
  2. Resume screening and candidate evaluation
  3. Interviews and assessment
  4. Decision making and offer
  5. Onboarding and integration

NACPB Bookkeeping Job Placement Program

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Plan your job search
  3. Update cover letter and resume
  4. Improve your online visibility
  5. Use job search resources
  6. Build a professional network
  7. Practice for in-person and online interviews
  8. Keep track of your applications
  9. Send Thank You notes

Bookkeeping Job Candidates

If you are a bookkeeping job candidate and want to obtain a bookkeeping job, please contact one of our bookkeeping placement advisors.

Bookkeeping Employers

If you are a bookkeeping employer and want to hire a highly qualified bookkeeper, please contact us.

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If you have questions or need information, contact us.

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